December 2013 Black Belt Grading

Having passed their assessments the previous week, Sensei James Cronin from Ware and Turnford Dojo’s and Becky Andrewartha from Welwyn Garden, Hertford and Turnford Dojo’s were ready for their chance to become Region 20’s next Black Belts.

The grading was held on Saturday 14th December at Birchwood Leisure Centre and started promptly at 1pm. The standard was very high with everyone showing excellent technique throughout the basics section of the grading.

Students where then put through their paces with kata. Starting at Taigyoku Shodan. Everyone had to go through all kata up to and including Empi before being divided into regional groups for their individual grade kata.

Finally came kumite which lasted for some time. Both James and Becky did incredibly well throughout the grading and did themselves and the region proud.

It was a pleasure to see these two achieve such a high grade and I’m sure they will both go on to much higher Dan grades in the future.

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach