April 2014 Regional Grading

Congratulations to everyone who attended the grading on Sunday 13th April. It was great to see such a great standard on the day with everyone pushing themselves from the start.

Well done to the following students for reaching their next level:

8th Kyu (Yellow)
Alyssa Sim
Betty Byrne
Daniel Cuffin
Darren Byrne
Geraldine Temple
Harry Richards
James Rona-Wood
Jayden Basa
Jenhiel Basa
Jenson Basa
Jill Byrne
Kathleen Temple
Martin Temple
Sam Goddard

7th Kyu (Orange)
Matt Griffiths

6th Kyu (Green)
Elliott King

5th Kyu (Blue)
Emma Watson
Sydney Watson-Webb

4th Kyu (Red)
Alan Rider
Thomas Holt

I would also like to congratulate the following students that passed their assessments and will be back next month for their 3rd Kyu (Brown belt) grading:
Brooke Godber
Maddy Evans
Shannon Smith

The next grading will be on Sunday 11th May. Don’t forget, for those students 3rd Kyu and above, we have a special advanced class after the grading between 4pm and 5.30pm for anyone wanting to get some more advanced training.

The winner of this months beginners draw was Cian Swede (WGC dojo) who has won a months free training.

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach