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April 2014 Shihan Seminar

Shihan Stacey Karetsian (6th Dan) visited London for a joint Southern/Eastern Zone seminar on Saturday 5th April 2014. The session was attended by over 150 students from all across the two zones.

Whenever I get the opportunity to train with Shihan, I am always amazed by not only his knowledge of Karate, but also the the shear depth of the art itself. This session certainly met, and exceeded, my expectations.

As new students, we are all told about the importance of focusing on having good strong technique in our basics. We spend hours upon hours of training time working on getting the straightest punch, the strongest block and so forth. In this seminar Shihan showed us exactly how this technique focused approach translates into “real world” application and why it makes our style so strong. Much of the session was partner based which gave everyone the chance to get “hands on” and try out the various self-defence techniques with their partner.

Everyone enjoyed the session and gained a lot of information to help their karate progress onto the next level. I would like to congratulate the following Sensei’s and students for making the trip round the M25 to be at the seminar.

Sensei Adrianne Hudson
Sensei Colin Woods
Sensei Graham Fairey
Sensei Steve Walters
Alan Rider
Becky Andrewartha
Ciaran Black
Geoffrey Lucking
Harry Pikesley

It’s always great to train with GKR’s most senior instructors. I hope to see you at the next seminar.

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach

Training Workshop with Sensei Tyrone Coates

The first seminar with Sensei Tyrone Coates was held on Saturday 29th March at Birchwood Leisure Centre, Hatfield. A number of students from all across region 20 attended the seminar eager to expand their karate knowledge.

The focus of the seminar was on understanding the importance of basic technique and how to implement that into your kumite. After a number of strong basic combinations, we went onto one-step sparring. One-step sparring is a great training exercise that helps bridge the gap between the basics and kumite. This is great for newer students who are nervous about getting into kumite, but also more advanced karate-ka who want to expand on their understanding and skill.

This was the first of three seminars that will be held in Hatfield by Sensei Tyrone this year. Future dates are Saturday 19th July and Saturday 1st November, I’m sure I’ll see lots of you there.

I would also like to congratulate Dave Gibbs from Hoddesdon and Steven Porter from Stevenage, both of which passed their Black Belt assessments before the seminar. They will be attending the Black Belt grading on Saturday 26th April. Their grading will be covered in an article here on our website.

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach

March 2014 Regional Tournament

The first tournament for 2014 took place on Saturday 1st March at Westcroft leisure centre in Surrey. Region 20 had 16 students make the drive around the M25, for their chance to represent themselves, and their dojo against students from all across London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The day was hosted by region 18 and organised by Sensei Karl Eccott, the regional instructor for the region. The day ran incredibly well and it was great to see so many region 20 students come and show me their medals throughout the day.

I would like to congratulate everyone who entered, but a special mention to the following students for bringing home medals.

10-11 years, 6-4th Kyu Male – Silver for Kata

10-11 years, 3-1st Kyu Female – Gold for Kumite & Bronze for Kata

12-13 years, 6-4th Kyu Female – Gold for Kata & Silver for Kumite

18-34 years, 6-4th Kyu Male – Bronze for Kata

18-34 years, 3-1st Kyu Male – Silver for Kata

Open Black Belt Female, Bronze for Kata, Silver for Team Kata & Gold for Team Kumite

Female Instructors, Gold for Kata & Silver for Team Kata

35-44 years, 3-1st Kyu Male – Silver for Kata & Silver for Kumite

55+ years, 6-4th Kyu Male – Gold for Kata

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach

National Championships 2013

This years National Championships where held on Saturday 23rd November at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. Twelve students from region 20 made the trip up the M1 to compete for their chance to become National Champion.

The day started with competitors entering the competition area grouped into zones to line up for the bow in. It was an exciting day for all, and everyone competed in the true spirit of Karate-Do. It was great to see a new structure for the Open Kata events using a system of flags for the judges to vote for the best kata performance.

The atmosphere throughout the day was truly amazing and it was a pleasure to see so many of Region 20’s students enjoying the experience of competing against the best of the best of GKR Karate in the UK.

Everyone did extremely well, especially considering that to even be there, required qualifying earlier in the year, but the following students went one step further and earned a medal in the process. Well done to the following:

5-7 years, 6-4th Kyu – Bronze for Kata

10-11 years, 6-4th Kyu Female – Silver for Kumite

16-17 years, 6-4th Kyu Male – Silver for Kata & Bronze for Kumite

16-17 years, 3-1st Kyu Female – Gold for Kata & Silver for Kumite

55 years & above, 6-4th Kyu Male – Gold for Kata

Female Instructors – Silver for Kata

I would also like to mention the fact that one of these champions did so despite having tonsillitis. Well done Kobie Richmond for showing a true fighting spirit.

As always, DE photo where there on the day. If you want to see if there are any great shots of you in action, click the icon below.

Yours in Karate-Do
Sensei Matt Leach